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Hiring remote employees can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding if you are willing to take the time to get to know who your candidates are and their capacity, skills, and capabilities.

Carrie McKeegan (@cpmckeegan), CEO and Co-founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services has been operating their business 100 percent remotely. Their company now has clients in 217 countries and territories helping US Expats with their tax filing. Her company was able to come up with a hiring strategy making sure the people she lets on board will row with her and not let the boat sink.

Carrie concentrated on three characteristics in her new hires to make sure they will work together in a remote setting smoothly:

  1. Strong Written Communication Skill

 Since most coordination or communication will be written through emails or a project management application, having a clear communication process within the team will prevent any project delays. Your team will be more productive if all instructions and delegation are well-acknowledged.

2. Can Work Independently.

You do not want to micro-manage as much as possible. Look for someone who has critical thinking so you can be confident to trust your team to make smart decisions even without your close supervision.

3. A sense of when to “just Google it” and when to ask for help.

Is Common sense still common nowadays? Well, this trait together with Resourcefulness, is very important to have in your remote team. Hiring someone resourceful will help your team achieve more than someone who goes around burdening others, being inconsiderate of other people’s time just to get information that is in fact already available as long as they have the common sense where to find it. Having common sense will also tell them when to ask for help. Knowing they already did all they can to get the information they needed, their request for help will then be valid.

You can incorporate tests to measure these traits during the application process. Qualifying each of your candidates may take a lot of your time and can be stressful, but you will reap your rewards if you find the best early on than wasting many hours just to find out that the puzzle doesn’t fit.



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