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Do you know what makes a business successful? It is by establishing a concrete process even before the start of the operations. It is a series of actions a business owner swears to commit himself to, to ensure his business’ growth.
Here are 7 practices you can do to help your business grow:
1. Go out of your comfort zone
Many successful businessmen aren’t afraid to go out of their comfort zone. In fact, some of their business’ breakthroughs were the result of them thinking out of the box! They love to look at the growth possibilities of their idea while weighing the pros and cons.
Set your business’ goals. Don’t forget to include your contingency plans. Always challenge yourself.
2. Maintain an exceptional customer and after sales service
They say that your business starts after a sale! Do not allow your clients feel that they’re VIPs only while you’re trying to make a sale. While it is important that they feel that way, but make an effort to let them feel they still are even after a sale.
Prepare an after-sales process and make sure you or your team are implementing it. Email or call them for a follow-up or ask them for feedbacks.
When you show genuine concern for them, they will give you referrals because they trust you at this point. That’s the power of word-of-mouth marketing!
3. Find an opportunity to learn
When you think that you already know everything, that is the time you get nervous. In fact, it is the only time to be afraid!
Why? The only thing permanent in this world is change. What’s working for your business right now might not be as effective 3 years from now.
So, keep on learning new things. Join forums and/or groups related to your niche for business updates and new trends. Keep on learning! Keep on learning new skills!
4. Delegate / Outsource
Some businesses fail early on because its owners got burnt out. In trying to save on costs, business owners take on as many tasks as they can. In doing so, they oftentimes feel exhausted and unhappy. They’d think their business is not for them.
By doing everything, they often neglect to focus on creating new business strategies. This results to business stagnation.
But we cannot blame them. The rate of hiring a local talent is expensive. In the US, according to Salary.com, the hourly rate of a data entry clerk is $13.
Thus, the birth of the outsourcing industry. Some popular outsourcing destinations are Philippines, India, and Malaysia. The cost for a data entry task outsourced in these countries is only almost half the rate if done in the US.
Business owners hire their virtual assistants via Upwork or other similar sites.
5. Use Project Management Tools
Running a business is not about working hard, but rather, smart! Project Management tools like Asana, Basecamp, and the likes are a must to help you organised. They allow you to assign tasks, communicate with your staff, and check a project’s progress. Some of these tools have both the desktop app and mobile phone app.
6. Familiarise Yourself With The Present Technology
Be aware of the present technology. Where the technology is, there is the business.
Years ago, when mobile phones were not yet part of our lives, they say “if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business!” Fast forward to the present, this saying now became partly true only.
Because aside from having a website, your business must also have a social proof. This means your business must have an account on popular social media platforms. You need to know at least the basics on how to use these platforms.
7. Utilise Online Marketing Activities
Break the boundaries and take your business globally by utilising digital marketing activities. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Messenger Marketing.
Contrary to what others think, you save more utilising Facebook Ads than doing the traditional way of marketing.
If you are not well adept in digital marketing, you can hire a freelancer/agency to do the work for you.
At 5Virtual, we take pride in our digital marketing expert’s skills in scaling the business of our clients! Our client’s satisfaction is our guarantee!
Want to scale your business utilising Facebook Advertising, talk to us now!

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