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But first, what is a Learning Management System or LMS?

Learning Management System is a software designed to deliver training materials and online courses to a class or training participants. It organizes and manages online courses, the participants, and the effectiveness of the course.  

Who can use it?

For businesses – The success of any organization relies on the learning and development of their employees. Your organization does not need to be big to have an LMS in place, because everyone can benefit from it. It can help you save time in creating courses and distributing them to your employees.

For schools – While the traditional way of keeping track of a student’s grades and progress is still efficient, many users of LMS find it a lot easier doing things using the software. A student can learn his lessons online using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone since the courses are online. The teachers can capture the results and progress of their students, too.    

What are the features of an LMS?

The primary use of an LMS is to create courses or exams and keep track of the progress of the learners. There are also advanced features like inviting users, issuing of certificates, and easy set up of third-party tools integrations.   

The LMS market is young and full of potential. Many new vendors are penetrating the market with fresh and innovative ideas. Its future is bright as more vendors will add functionalities to enhance the learning experience of the users. LMS considers the knowledge from studies being conducted on ways for better learning when building their product.   

Are you considering placing a Learning Management System as part of your organization’s learning development? Talk to us! 



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